Éric Stébenne

Staying on Top of Best Practices in Ethics and Compliance

Assistant Criminal Operations Officer, Financial Integrity, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Éric Stébenne completed the Certification in Ethics and Compliance at Executive Education HEC Montréal in February 2022. What he learned has come in handy in his job every day since.

He enjoyed the nine-day program so much he would’ve readily signed up for more!

Éric joined the RCMP 22 years ago, after undergoing six months of training at the RCMP Training Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. He found out about the Ethics and Compliance program in an email from Executive Education HEC Montréal. “It caught my eye immediately,” he said, “especially certain topics like fraud, corruption, and workplace discrimination and harassment.”

The right tools to do the job right

Éric was interested in acquiring tools and techniques related to best practices in ethics and compliance, making the certification program a great fit: “I would’ve actually liked it to last longer! The various themes and instructors complemented one another really well, and that made it even more interesting. As someone who doesn’t work in this area every day, I had a lot to catch up on in terms of my own knowledge, and it was a very eye-opening experience.”

He recounted some highlights from each of the four modules of this program, the only one of its kind in Quebec, as well as the final hands-on activity, which he found tied it all together quite nicely, with specific exercises and a case study. The fact that the instructors came from so many different backgrounds impressed him: “Their respective experiences and the level of expertise they had in each of their fields really contributed to making this an outstanding program.”

Putting it all together

He was also pleasantly surprised that he was able to apply what he had learned to his job right out of the gate: “There is a meaningful correlation between this training program and my job, and I see the connections every day in many of the things I do.”

Last but not least, the program was a great networking opportunity: “The people taking the course came from as rich a variety of backgrounds as the people giving it. I’ve kept in touch with several of them since it wrapped up, and I’ve enjoyed the fact that there are so many networking activities available through Executive Education HEC Montréal, including meet and greets, lectures, lunch and learn sessions, and more. This allows me to stay on top of things and be a part of this very active network.”

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